So you have been invited to your friend's wedding, and they've asked you to get some nice candid photos after their professional wedding photographer has left. Or maybe you just want to take amazing photos of your friend's special day.

While “Your Friend’s Wedding” is not designed to qualify you as a professional, or allow you to replace the professional wedding photographer, it does help you take amazing photos on your friend’s special day.

This two-hour specialized workshop includes correct use of light and color, composition and framing of your image, the art of photographing people at an event, ensuring that your reception lighting is perfect, finding the right angle and perspective and guaranteeing that your friend's wedding is captured in picture perfect clarity.

Remember Forever is one of Australia's leading wedding photography companies and will soon have the same reputation in the United States. Interestingly, this workshop was created when our Managing Photographer Luke Ballard got married, and his wife wouldn't let him near a camera or their hired photographer on their wedding day. This module was designed for their guests, so every moment from every perspective was remembered forever.

If you’re going to a wedding and you care about the bride and groom, then make sure the memories you photograph on the day are crisp, focused, beautiful and artistic.

"Your Friend’s Wedding" runs regularly in the following cities:
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

To book your place on "Your Friend’s Wedding" and capture an amazing love story in action, select your city and Book Now.

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