Travel Photography doesn’t always mean vistas and mountains, rivers and lakes. Some of the best landscape photography can be beautiful cityscapes, the architecture of a skyscraper and the life captured by street photography.

Something that is often said to us is “it is hard to be a travel photographer when you never leave your city.”

We strongly disagree with that statement and firmly believe that your city, any city can provide millions of photographic opportunities if you just go out and find them.

We teach you how to theme your images so you’re not just photographing a building, but building a series of photographs that tell an overall story. Advanced rules of landscape composition allow you to break the rule of thirds and still create visually stunning imagery to share with your friends – or even sell, if that is your ambition.

This three-hour specialized workshop teaches you a variety of techniques for capturing a city, not just a photograph but a story that involves a number of images, a sense of beauty as well as the scenery, life, mood, vibe and heart that makes the city what it is.

"Urban Landscapes" runs on selected dates in the following cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

To book your place on "Urban Landscapes" and take your city by storm (or maybe capture a storm in your city) select your city and Book Now.

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