Advanced People: Newborns and Babies

Rock a bye baby in the new cot,
If you’re asleep, crying you’re not.
Without your screams, photos we’ll take,
And we’ll keep snapping til you’re awake.

A modified lullaby, Copyright 2014: Luke Ballard

When we conceptualised and wrote the module “Newborns and Babies” our intention was to design a workshop for expectant fathers, so they stay out of their wives’ hair in the final weeks of labor.

What we came up with, is a course for mothers and fathers, grandparents and friends to not just teach you how to photograph your infant, but to create visually stunning memories to last through the ages.

This three-hour specialized workshop teaches you a variety of techniques for working with babies ranging from lighting to posing and positioning. We teach you how to turn crying and screaming into fantastic photography and how to maximise the non-nuclear baby time for beautiful images.

"Newborns and Babies" runs on selected dates in the following cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

You are encouraged to bring your babies to this workshop!

To book your place on "Newborns and Babies" and learn how to how to keep your babies this young forever, so you have something to look at in order to stop the regrets when they’re a teenager, select your city and Book Now.

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