Getting the detail is what Macro Photography is all about, and all the details on how to do so are provided in this specialist photography course. This workshop teaches you how to photograph insects, bugs, spiders, flowers, dew and detail - and how to do it well.

This workshop is for the person who wants to take exceptional macro photographs and capture the detail of flowers, plants, insects and animals. Learning the difference between a happy-snap and a macro photograph, you will learn the settings on your camera to ensure that you capture the perfect macro moment.

If you’ve heard our CEO and Founding Photographer, Luke speak about Macro – he firmly believes that Macro is the new photographic frontier where everything and anything is possible – and on this workshop, the possibilities are endless.

This two-hour specialized workshop includes correct use of light and color, composition and framing your image, dealing with depth of field, using extension tubes, filters and different lenses, finding the right angle and perspective and ensuring that the photograph you take captures the imagination of everyone who looks at it.

"Macro Photography" runs regularly in the following cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

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