In many ways this is one of the most fun workshops at Remember Forever. In part, it’s because there is an infectious energy that comes from being around children having a great time – and in part because we feed the kids a lot of sugar in order to get really good photographs.

There’s an old expression in photography: “by the time you see a photograph, it’s too late to take it.” While that is a common problem, especially if your adorable little munchkins move at the speed of light and transition from cute to crazed in the blink of an eye, this workshop is for those that want to take great photos, regardless.

Whether they’re your rugrats, or you get to hand them back all hyped up, catching the right moment and capturing special photographs doesn’t need to be a chore. Regardless of what W.C. Fields had to say.

This three-hour specialized workshop teaches you a variety of techniques for working with children, ranging from activities that are photograph friendly to corralling them when they aren’t camera happy and using light and your environment to tell a story that is picture perfect.

"Kids at Play" runs on selected dates in the following cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

Remember Forever makes every effort to provide a hyperactive child for the running of this workshop, but if you have a kid with too much energy who is not allergic to sugar and red food coloring, we’re always open to volunteers.

To book your place on "Kids at Play" and hype up your inner child as well as the kids in your life for spectacular photos, select your city and Book Now.

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