How do I use Photoshop?" is one of the questions we are most frequently asked. This photography course on Photoshop essentials teaches you how to make subtle changes to your digital photographs to ensure the most beautiful results

So you've taken your photograph - what comes next? You want to remove some blemishes? Maybe try your hand at airbrushing? Add some effects? Even out the light? Adjust the color balance? You want to fix your image!

You need to work with Photoshop!

In this jargon-free workshop with all the easy to follow trademarks of a Remember Forever experience you will learn how to give your photographs that little extra boost to take them from average (if you've never done one of our workshops), good (if you didn't pay 100% attention in one of our workshops), great (if you really love our workshops) to AMAZING (if you do this workshop!)

We will even show you how to create some amazing effects that will take your photos to a whole new level!

This workshop is the first of two Photoshop modules on offer at Remember Forever and is a prerequisite to PHOTOSHOP 2 - Making Your Images WOW.

"Photoshop 1" runs regularly in the following cities:
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

To book your place on "Photoshop 1" and learn to take charge of your D-SLR, select your city and Book Now.

Please note: This workshop requires participants to bring their own laptop computer loaded with Adobe Photoshop CS4 or newer.

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