Travel Photography doesn’t always mean vistas and mountains, rivers and lakes. Some of the best travel photography can be indoors – cathedrals and mosques, train stations and abandoned buildings, churches and castles.

Just because you can’t see past the ceiling, it doesn’t mean the sky is falling on your photography. This workshop is about how to get the most out of your travel photography, whether your indoors or out – but with a focus on the indoors.

We teach you how to work with lower light landscapes, whether you have a tripod or not (or aren’t allowed to use it for safety reasons.) Working in a beautiful indoor setting, we teach you how to manipulate the light to make your images spectacular and your space look bigger.

This three-hour specialized workshop teaches you a variety of techniques for indoor photography, is highly reviewed and recommended by real estate agents and will equip you to capture beautiful interiors whether it’s a cathedral or a kitchen.

"Indoors and Interiors" runs on selected dates in the following cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

To book your place on "Indoors and Interiors" and not be left outside in the cold, without a roof over the head of your photography, select your city and Book Now.

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