Capturing the perfect event photographs of every great moment that happens at a party is not always easy. By the time you turn the camera on, and get in position, the moment has passed, the light is wrong and the flash makes your people look orange and your background black.

This workshop takes the mystery out of event photography is for the person who wants to take exceptional photographs of people in low light, capturing those candid party photographs you only see from the paparazzi. Learning the difference between a happy-snap and a photograph, you will learn the settings on your camera to ensure you never miss capturing one of those magical party moments and make sure you have a photograph you will treasure forever.

This three-hour specialized workshop includes correct use of light and color, composition and framing your image, using natural and external light sources, working with your party background and subjects, balancing your image, finding the right angle and perspective and ensuring that the people in your photo glow without losing your party background.

"Events and Parties" runs on selected dates in the following cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

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