As you follow the tracks through the plain, savannah or living room, the cat is crouched and poised to pounce. A twitch of the whiskers, a slight crawl forward and the kitten leaps for the laundry basket, tipping everything on to the ground. Did you capture this priceless moment with a perfect photograph?

Animal photography, taking photos of your pets and capturing wildlife in safari, is something that every photographer wishes they could do well. Whether it is out in the wild or you just want memories of your furbabies, this workshop is designed to ensure your animal photography doesn’t go stray.

This workshop is for the person who wants to take exceptional photographs of animals in the wild and capture those cute moments at home with their pets. Learning the difference between a happy-snap and an animal photograph, you will become comfortable with the settings on your camera to ensure that you capture all those picture perfect pet moments

This two-hour specialized workshop teaches the correct use of light and color, composition and framing of images, understanding depth of field, working with animals in the wild and in your yard, finding the right angle and perspective and ensuring that the photographs you take capture the hearts of everyone who looks at it.

"Animals, Wildlife & Pets" runs on selected dates in the following cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

You are encouraged to bring your pets to this workshop!

To book your place on "Animals, Wildlife & Pets" and learn how to stay out of the doghouse as an animal photographer, select your city and Book Now.

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